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The dirtiest operation of illegal political crackdown in the annals of the political change-over after the fall of the Junta

Article by Ilias Kasidiaris

On this day two years have passed since the illegal arrest operation of the Leader and the MPs of the Popular Association. I was in the core of those events, thereafter I gathered together enough information and I can now describe in detail the dark background of the case. It is a sad collusion with an organizational and two executive parts. Organizers were of course the environment of Samaras and the ministers Dendias, Athanasiou, Voridis and Michelakis. Executors were the Supreme Court and the Anti-terrorist Unit, i.e. the Justice and the Police, whose heads are completely controlled by the corrupt power of the Memorandum. One day before the murder of Fyssas the then parliamentary spokesman of ND, Voridis, stated in Mega that Golden Dawn will be declared as a criminal organization and its MPs will be prosecuted under the Article 187 of the Criminal Code. It seems that this guy is… psychic, as a few days later he predicted our massive arrests. After that comes the folder Dendias with the 32 cases which ultimately proved to have nothing to do neither with Golden Dawn nor with the Article 187 of the Criminal Code. This move served as a mandate towards the Chief Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Koutzamani (the super religious and fellow countrywoman of Athanasiou…) to begin the illegal actions against us. In no time was drawn the conclusion of Vourliotis (he is also fellow countryman of Athanasiou) that should be called conclusion of Psarras, as it is a true copy of the false testimony of the known abuser of Golden Dawn. At the same time the reporter Labropoulos of “Vima” spreads that we will experience cinematic arrests and transfers with jeeps and hooded men with automatic weapons. In the evening of Friday, September 27, I psychologically prepare my parents for the upcoming “show” and fall asleep.

The meeting among Voridis, Dendias, Athanasiou, Michelakis

On the same night Samaras is in America and the ministers Athanasiou, Dendias, Voridis and Michelakis meet together and decide the termination of the state funding of Golden Dawn. Here there is an essential detail that clearly proves the interweaving of government-justice. The ministers of Samaras decide to suspend the funding of the party whose Leader and MPs are detained as managers of a criminal organization. At that time there has been no finding of Vourliotis, there are no arrests and no imprisonments. But Dendias rushes to send a press release to all media for the amendment drafted along with the company of perjurers. In essence he announces the decision of the “independent justice” before it was taken. The people says a saying that completely suits the occasion: “It’s hard for the whore to hide her happiness”.

The midnight mandates to the Supreme Court and Anti-terrorist Unit

The orgy of illegality takes shape immediately after 12 at night. Then Vourliotis sends the miserable “conclusion” to Koutzamani. According to the prosecutor Sakkas, this document would not be drafted even by a freshman law student. The “super religious” Koutzamani approves this nastiness and promotes it to the police to begin the arrests. The wily adviser of Dendias (and far-right) Andreoulakos, in order not to bear the pre-criminal responsibilities, requests prosecutor’s order. Then Vourliotis commits another crime. Instead of sending the findings to a Misdemeanours Prosecutor, who is the only responsible to give a mandate to the police for arrests, he asks them himself. And only this illegal action is enough to blow up the whole case. This ludicrous operation is finally organized by the Anti-terrorist Unit, although the case is not about terrorism. This specific Unit, however, is the only one that is completely controlled by the regime. Its Commander (Tzoitis) reports directly to the Head of Hellenic Police (Papagiannopoulos) who reports directly to the minister of Citizen Protection (Dendias). There was worrying potential for the commander of any other Unit to refuse to carry out the illegal orders, namely to override the Constitution, in fear of imprisonment. The next morning dozens of gunmen invades the house of my parents and make a mess. The only reason for which I did not enjoy these scenes was because they had violated the asylum and serenity of my family. At the same time similar nastiness take place in the residence of the Leader and the rest MPs. The American Jewish Committee and the entire dark background The media of interweaving were funny that morning. Mega presented the breaking news with a banner: “Golden Dawn to be dismantled”. In one night they had baptized us 17 November and Red Brigades. Those times I certainly had very high moral and great mood for fun that increased when arrived at the place the rest “terrorists” MPs. Since noon we had predicted that our switching would be implemented by EKAM and we were verified. During the central newscast the floor was filled with armor hooded men holding MP-5 and M-16. At the entrance of the Attica Police Headquarters (GADA) they dragged us in front of all the channels. The obvious purpose: to break us, the moral of the people to fall and the government to show that it can stop our rapid political rise. Eventually the insane of the regime achieved the opposite. But there is an even darker aspect of the events. While we were shown in cuffs in the media, Samaras was in the US Zionist Congress. He showed these pictures to his bosses and boasted, saying: “here…it’s over, I arrested them, bye!”. Two years later, not only he did not manage to terminate Golden Dawn, but essentially the opposite happens. Samaras is over from the political life of the country, paying the equivalent of cheating the people and the betrayal of the Homeland.

(*)Perhaps the term “deep state of ND” will be considered as excessive by many friends readers. Indeed, the illegal and unconstitutional operation of crackdown the Golden Dawn was organized and executed by a handful of traitors and perjurers government officials. All the ordinary police officers who were involved in this have the excuse that they were simply following orders. Nevertheless, the deplorable gang of Samaras, namely Athansiou, Koutzamani, Vourliotis, Dendias, Andreoulakos, Papagiannopoulos, Tziotis etc. constitute the “deep state” even as a caricature. They took advantage of their positions in the state apparatus and abused their power with the obvious purpose to distort the system of government and the popular sovereignty, by hitting illegally the third political party in the country.


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